Lolita mermaid Rough Sketches.


Hey guys here are a few pretty rough sketches I drew up of my idea of a mermaid lolita coord. The first is a sort of OTT Sweet lolita. I imagine this in paler pastel colors though I had to darken them for the scanner to pick up. They are also very sloppy because the only time I could draw was while I was nursing my 2 m/o. :/ I also Imagine this dress looking stunning in dark colors, like maybe black and purple or gold for a gothic or piratey type coord. The main idea of this is slightly more hime-ish with a pale aqua/seafoam green underskirt with sandy colored seashell print border and a scalloped hem that i thought tied into the mermaid asthetic well, calling to the idea of scales of course. I drew the main skirt and bodice of this JSK with a buble print as I couldn't decide whether I liked it plain or with the print. The colos of course would be a pale aqua blue. The bodice is corsetted, honestly mainly because I am quite a fan on corsets as I was originally drawn to Lolita due to its historical style and therefore lean more towards classical and gothic lolita with a few smatterings of other in between type styles. And since corsets were a very important part of the antique silhouette I prefer corsets in my lolita. The over skirt is a large 'knit' fishnet draped and pulled back into a princessy type over skirt. The blouse I paired it with is just a normal blouse with a sandy 'antique' color that I thought would go well with the overall look. I also imagine this blouse having pearl buttons though I drew them blue to highlight them for the drawing they would be a pale white or peach color. The shoes are normal light blue MJ type shoes that I see alot of lolis wearing with a seashell clip accent and frilly socks underneath. The tights are inspired by a pair I found online that have a scale print. The only accessory I included was a seashell tiara which can be found in various places online, however I do think it would only go with a OTT Hime look.
Skirt & OP

These looks I drew in the darker style I was referring to previously, however they could also look stunning in lighter sweeter colors such as purples, blues, and corals. The basic idea of the skirt is a bit on the piratey side with a grey skirt with a dark gold scale print scattered sporadically over the fabric and a straight hem. It has a sandy linen looking underskirt again with a scallop hem. This coord has a grey blouse with a grey jabot with seashell accent. I also included a full on corset in this coord. It is a matte black with silky twin mermaids embroidered onto the front. I also drew in some fishnet tights and ankle boots.

The OP is bacically an all black dress with cap sleaves and a gold octopus leg pattern, i couldnt decide whether I liked the single front pattern with scrolls around the top or a recurring tentacle pattern all the way around. The top portion has a white collar and a gold ribbon tie. The stockings are knee high with gold lace on the top and mid calf boots. I also included a black beret with a crossed trident pattern.

I hope you have enjoyed these sketches and any constructive criticism is welcome. :)